Privacy Policy


1. Terms and definitions:
1.1. The Client's personal cabinet is a web service located on the resource of the private enterprise "RIO-TRANS" (PE "RIO-TRANS") ( and protected by the Client's password. After registration of the Client, all information is kept required to create routes. It is available at the link located on the official website (PE "RIO-TRANS") (  or by direct link
Mobile application is software designed to work on smartphones, planning and other mobile devices, designed for a specific platform and available in the App Store (RIO-TRANS Client Panel) and Google Play (RIO-TRANS Client Panel).
Client of services of PE "RIO-TRANS" (hereinafter - the Client) –a business entity or individual who orders services for transportation of goods using vehicles of PE "RIO-TRANS".
Agreement – a transaction concluded in written form between the Client and PE "RIO-TRANS" for the provision of transport-forwarding services.
Manager is an employee of RIO-TRANS company, who is assigned to the Client with any concluded Agreement.
Website is the official website of PE "RIO-TRANS"
Routes – a list of transportation performed on behalf from the Client, available for monitoring.

2. General points:
2.1. To work with a personal cabinet and a mobile application is used a single authorization via e-mail.
2.2. The rights and responsibilities of RIO-TRANS company and the Client (hereinafter - Parties) are provided by these Rules, which arise from the moment of registration of the Client in the personal cabinet or mobile application and conclusion of the Agreement between the Parties.
2.3. From the moment of registration of the Client in the Personal cabinet or mobile application, the Client has to comply with the requirements specified by these Rules.
2.4. These Rules are available for registration / login to the Personal cabinet or mobile application and located in the chapter "Terms and Conditions".
2.5. The Client confirms by registering / logging in / using the services, that is acquainted with and agrees with the terms of these Rules.
2.6. With the help of a personal cabinet or  mobile application, the Client has the possibility personaly to view the status of the ordered transportation, to receive comments about the status of the cargo and delivery.

3. Registration of the Client in the Personal cabinet:
3.1. The Client is registered by the Manager of PE "RIO-TRANS".
3.2. The Manager of PE «RIO-TRANS» sends data together with the instruction for usage of the Client’s personal cabinet and mobile applications via e-mail to the Client.

4. Authorization of the Client in the Personal cabinet:
4.1. Access to the Personal Cabinet is provided only to the Client who is registered in it.
4.2. For authorization, the Client needs to go to the main page of the Website and click the button "Login for Clients".
4.3. After entering the e-mail ( which is a login) and password, acquaintance with these Rules and other offered documents, is necessary to click a button "LOD IN".

5. Rights and responsibilities of the Parties:
Rights and responsibiities of the Client

5.1. The Client has the right to use the Website and / or its services, including the "Personal Cabinet"    service. A detailed description of all services is in the instruction received from the manager of PE "RIO-TRANS". The right to use the Service after the registration of the Client is personal and non-transferable.
5.2. The Client has anytime the right to refuse to use the Site and / or its services.
5.3. Any actions in the Services on behalf from the Client using a login and password are considered to be initiated by this Client.
5.4. If the Client assumes that there is information on the Website that violates Client’s rights, the Client is obliged to inform PE "RIO-TRANS" and provide the information confirming this violation. If the Client provides false information about violation of rights, the Client is fully responsible for this actions.
5.5. The Client is prohibited:
– do actions aimed at misleading other Clients;
– provide to third parties access to account and / or login and password;
– use any computer programs for automated collection of information on the Website;
– carry out illegal collection, systematization, storage or spreading of personal information of other users;
– try to get in any way the access to the account and / or login and password of another Client, including fraud, abuse of trust, selection of login and password;
– to place computer viruses or programs that can interrupt or break the normal functionality of computer equipment and software, as well as means of telecommunications of any persons.

Rights and responsibilities of PE "RIO-TRANS"
5.6. To change unilaterally the functionality of the Website, personal cabinet and mobile application, information about available services, services and conditions of their use and other information regarding PE "RIO-TRANS"
5.7. To delete from the system the Client who pointed wrong data or violated other conditions of these Rules;
5.8. To change unilaterally the conditions of these Rules.

6. Liability of the Parties:
6.1. The Сlient is responsible independently for any violation of the information placed in the services.
6.2. The Client is responsible for any violation of these Rules, as well as for all consequences caused by such violation.
6.3. PE "RIO-TRANS" is not responsible for damage or loss that gained the Сlient or third parties because of result of misunderstanding of these Rules, instructions (description of actions) about the usage order of services.
6.4. PE "RIO-TRANS" is not responsible and does not compensate the Client or third parties any damages related to the use or impossibility to use the Services.
6.5. PE "RIO-TRANS" is not responsible for not receiving of information by the Client about changes in the functionality of the Personal Account in case of incorrect data specified by the Client or if the Client does not inform PE "RIO TRANS" about them in time (on the day of such changes).

7. Confidentiality and protection of personal data:
7.1. When Client agrees to use the Personal Cabinet and other services, the Client confirms that is informed about the processing of personal data (collection, accumulation, processing, storage, usage and spreading) in accordance with " Personal Data Protection Law" of Ukraine and allows to transfer data to third parties.
7.2. The Client permits PE "RIO-TRANS" to send message on e-mail, SMS-message, etc., containing information about Website, available services, services of PE "RIO-TRANS" or advertising information.
7.3. Due to these Rules, PE "RIO-TRANS" does not transfer to the Client any property rights for any intellectual property of PE "RIO-TRANS" or third parties.
7.4. During the using of services have to be taken all necessary measures to secure and protect the information, which is exchanged in the services or is available to them in connection with using of the services.
7.5. Clients independently take all necessary measures about maintaining confidentiality, preventing unauthorized use and protecting credentials from unauthorized access by third parties.
7.6. If, while using services, the Client in any way got an information about PE "RIO-TRANS" and / or third parties, which is in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation referred as confidential and / or a commercial secret, the Client is prohibited to store, use and spread such information.